I was blown away with the talent of everyone who auditioned. This is a good thing because both shows are truly ensemble pieces. I am very excited to start work on both of these shows. I have not yet begun to look at the scheduling issues. I am well aware of multiple scheduling challenges. I normally would like to have a complete rehearsal schedule at the first read throughs; however, that isn’t gonna happen. Please keep close to your e-mails/phones/carrier pigeons for more updates.

The Night Witches

Sunday, August 15th 3:30-5 PM (NOTE NEW, LATER TIME)

Stage Manager – Sam G.
Assistant Stage Manager/Run Crew Chief – Kiara T.
Booth/Set – Jack G. & Vance M.

Tatyana – Rebecca V.

Vera – Kylee V.

Nina – Elena D.

Irina – Lucy S.

Polina – Abbigail “Bunny” L.

Serafima – Campbell S.

Zoya – TBD

Raisa – Elizabeth V.

Alexander – Abby B.

Us and Them


Saturday, August 14th, 11 AM – 12:30 PM

Props/Run Crew – Mackenzie M.

Recorder – Hank C.

Spokesperson A – Haylie H.

Spokesperson B – Hannah H.

A1 – Anthony G.

A2 – Lyvia M.

A3 – Gianna G.

B1 – Baron H.

B2 – Charlotte S.

B3 – Helen P.