We want to thank everyone who auditioned this year. This is a very talented group of actors. Casting decisions are always hard. Inevitably hard choices have to be made. This often means that there are more talented actors capable of handling “big roles” than the number of those roles available. But everyone that auditioned should see their name listed in the cast list below. As always, we truly believe that “there are no small parts, only small actors” as Mrs. Armstrong says in this show. We are looking forward to working with each and everyone in this production. This is going to be another great year!

– Sam and Mr. Tippett

REMINDER – 1st Read through this Saturday, October 30th from 2-3:30 PM!

Father – Jack G.

Mother – Abby B.

Beth – Kaleigh C.

Charlie – Easton P.

Ralph – Isla W.

Imogene – Lucy S.

Claude – Hank C.

Leroy – Will B.

Ollie – Gianna G,

Gladys –Madelyn P.

Alice – Olivia O.B.

Maxine(s) – Elena D, and Abby V.

Elmer Hopkins – Anthony G.

Hobie – Wyatt S.

David – Eli B.

Beverly – Laney I.

Shirley’s (2) – Emily V. and Chloe W.

Juanita – Emerson B.

Doris – Helen P.

Janet/Baby Angel Leader – Haylie H.

Rev. Hopkins – Kylee V.

Mrs. Armstrong – Campbell S.

Slocum – Amelia W.

Fire fighter 2 -Hannah H.

McCarthy – Rebecca V.

Clark – Kylee V.

Firefighter 1 – Kiara T.

Curtain Speech/Angel Choir – Charlotte W.

Voice 1/Angel Choir – Cosette W.

Voice 2/Angel Choir – Lucy R.

Voice 3/Angel Choir – Helen P.

Voice 4/Shepherd – Baron H.

Angel Choir –



Student Director: Sam G. Stage Manager: Kiara T. Book Holder/Props/Run Crew Chief: Hannah H. Run Crew/Props: Mackenzie M. Costumes: Elizabeth V.

Light Board Op: Vance M. Spot Op: N/A Sound: Marae M.